Dr. Cook integrates the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions for weight loss, fatigue, depression, digestive problems, and female hormone imbalances. Through the implementation of simple lifestyle changes and the use of individualized, lab-based supplement programs, Dr. Cook can helped you reclaim your health and achieve optimum wellness.

Female Hormones

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PMS – premenstrual syndrome symptoms like cramping, sweet cravings, mood swings, and irritability respond really well to a lab based adrenal hormone program. If we test and correct your cortisol and DHEA levels with the adrenal stress test your female hormone related symptoms will improve significantly. For many patients they go away completely.



The most common cause of fatigue is adrenal exhaustion or adrenal burnout. This means that because of some long-term period of stress, your cortisol levels became depleted. Even if the stress was in the past you could still be suffering from exhausted adrenal glands now. If you have long term fatigue we can test and correct your cortisol levels with an adrenals stress test and bring your energy levels back to normal with a lab based supplement program.

Digestive Disorders

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The immune cells that line our digestive tract are regulated by hormones. If hormones are out of balance you become prone to develop digestive symptoms like bloating, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea. The more stress we are under the more out of range our hormones become and our digestive system starts to react poorly to foods. We run the risk of picking up pathogens like Candida, a fungal organism.



When the adrenal hormone cortisol and DHEA are depleted or low, we become depressed from the physical exhaustion that takes place. Up-and-down moods throughout the day as well as irritability often reflect unstable cortisol levels. People feel what we call “wired and tired” from adrenal exhaustion – they can get amped up and even anxious but at the same time have burned out and down moments throughout the day as the cortisol levels bounce up and down.