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Neck, Joint & Back Pain


Chronic or ongoing Joint Pain, particularly in the Neck or Back can limit your ability to enjoy life and do the things you love. Whether the result of a  Sports Injuries, Work Injuries, or Car Collision we may be able to help get you back to peak performance.

Allergy Relief


Allergy Sensitivities can make life miserable. Whether seasonal, food related, or environmental they can keep us from enjoying life. An abnormal response to a normal substances can be called an Allergies or Sensitivity. Ever wonder why we all breathe the same air and eat the same food yet some respond differently than others? Learn more about how we can help.

Hormone Balance


Hormones affect almost every function in the body. If Hormones are not properly balance the resulting symptoms can be vast and diverse including: Headache, Mood Swings, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Hot Flashes, Menstrual Irregularity, and Infertility. The first step in addressing any of these issues is proper testing. You can not correct what you can not measure. Learn more about better ways to measure hormones.